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Members of all paid membership types are entitled to enjoy the benefits available with membership in Pentathlon Alberta.

These include: the opportunity to coach, officiate, and potentially compete in the sport of pentathlon in Alberta, Canada, and globally, the opportunity to support and promote the sport of pentathlon in Alberta, and preferred pricing at Pentathlon Alberta’s supporting retailers.

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Athlete Membership

ATHLETE membership allows the member to take part in all Club pentathlon activities including classes, training, and in-house events. They may partake in Pentathlon Alberta events, as well as Pentathlon Canada sanctioned tournaments and training events. A Pentathlon Alberta Athlete membership includes membership with Pentathlon Canada, and so may be included in both Canadian and Alberta rankings.

Athlete members are eligible for selection to Provincial Teams, and funding. Clinics, camps, training, or classes may take place at a club or at another venue (i.e. schools, community league, recreational facilities, etc.).

Coach Membership

COACH membership is required for coaching at registered Pentathlon Alberta clubs.

The Pentathlon Alberta Coach membership also includes within it a Pentathlon Canada membership and so it allows for provincial and national team coach selection.

Supporter Membership

SUPPORTER A further type of membership exists for those who, while not directly involved or insured for participation in sporting or administrative roles, are interested in contributing to the Association’s growth and progress.

This membership entails no voting rights. Any person who wishes to become a voting member can do so by upgrading to associate or competitive membership and paying the difference in fees.

Day Membership

DAY MEMBERS are those individuals who pay a fee to be considered equivalent to the ATHLETE member category for a single day only.

This membership may be upgraded based on the terms of the membership registration form